Meeker Residents Urged To Move From Rising Waters

Residents of a mobile home park on the banks of the White River in Meeker, Colorado have been asked to evacuate due to rising waters.

Recent overnight temperatures have fallen as low as -30 degrees... causing ice dams to form along the river and water to begin backing up. Earlier today water was receding from the parking lot of the still–unfinished Bureau of Land Management offices North of town, but just after noon today an ice dam broke, sending freezing water cascading down the street to completely surround a nearby ranch.

Just before sunset residents at the GIC Mobile Home Park on Waters
Street were told to leave their homes. Most were already alerted to the possibility of evacuation, but had hoped a piled snow dam might avert disaster.

"We have a snowbank here, says one resident of the park, "and our house is a little ways over there and we hope the river doesn't reach us. You know, it worries anybody that they have to leave their homes."

Another Meeker resident said, "The river's freezing, and catching and building up, and the water's pushing it and it's just backing up, and as it's backing up that water is freezing, and it just gets worse and worse and worse.'

This is the first major winter flooding along the White River in Meeker in about 20 years. So far about eight families have been evacuated, but a dozen or more could still be moved. A temporary shelter has been set up in town and the Red Cross has been notified of the situation.