West-Slope Cabinet Member? Penry Says "Trust But Verify"

Senator Josh Penry and Club 20 Executive Director Reeves Brown have criticized Governor Bill Ritter's lack of a western–slope cabinet member. Today speaking to Club 20 in Denver, he tried to de–fuse some of the anger.

Penry says the cabinet should be truly representative of the state as a whole, and he's talked to the Governor's senior staff about it--and says they've listened.

"I have talked to the Governor's staff, and they've been surprised by the reaction from the western slope. But they have assured me they haven't forgotten us, and I'll take them on their word, but it's still a bit "trust but verify".

Penry says the western slope has a long memory... and Governor Ritter needs to do what he can to stay in the good graces of the region.