Ute Water To Use New Disinfectant

Ute Water says customers shouldn't notice the difference when the provider will starts using a new additive to disinfect water next week.

Ute Water says chlorine doesn't do as good a job in large water
systems at clearing water of bugs even though it does meet water quality standards. Now the utility will use a mixture of chlorine and ammonia called chloramine. Not only is it more consistent as a disinfectant...it eliminates a common consumer complaint.

Ute Water's Joe Burtard says chloramine has another advantage that,
"In fact, chloramines will eliminate the taste and odor of chlorine from your domestic water, and that's one of the great things about chloramine is the elimination of taste and odor."

Chloramine is safe and has been used in Denver for nearly a century.
However, Ute Water does advise that dialysis patients and aquarium owners should treat water before using it because it does not evaporate like chlorine does by letting water sit overnight.