Meeting Held To Discuss School Dress Code In Montrose

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A heated debate Thursday night at a middle school in Montrose over a school dress code issue.

The issue was sparked by a parent whose child wore pajamas to school, the child was given disciplinary action because pajamas are against the schools dress code. The student's mother Christel Pizzarusso said the decision violates her child's civil rights.

Thursday night, about 40 parents, staff and community members attended the meeting and had the opportunity to speak their opinion.
Those who spoke out had strong opinions on either side of the matter and the discussion which became filled with emotion at times went on for about 40 minutes before the school's principal, Kirk Henwood adjourned the meeting.

The principal asked for those who attended the meeting to write down their opinion. No decision was made Thursday night on the matter, and the principal hopes to get more public input on the issue- including the middle school students.