Robbers Steal More Than Just Money

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Friday night's robbery at a Clifton video store wiped the cash register clean, but the store owner says he isn't concerned with the loss of money.

11 news spoke with Gil Hernandez, owner of Gil's Video, he was the only worker in the store when the robbery took place.

Hernandez says that around 8 o'clock Friday night two Hispanic men came into his store, wearing black jackets and they had something covering their faces. At first Hernandez thought it was a joke, until one of the men held a gun to his head as they demanded money from the register.

Hernandez says the men said they didn't want to hurt him but they really needed the money.

According to Hernandez the men took about one hundred and thirty dollars from the register, along with the watch off his arm and ten dollars from his wallet.

Hernandez says he's not worried about the money, but these men took something a lot more valuable from him.

"The biggest thing they took from me, isn't the money or the watch, it was my pride. i don't do anything wrong to people and i try to be good to everybody," says Hernandez.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is still investigating this crime. They are using a blood hound to try and track down the men. If anyone has information regarding this incident contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Department at 244– 3500.