Hundreds Attend Healthcare Reform Rally

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Government overhaul on health care drew hundreds out to the old county courthouse on Saturday morning.

The group “Americans for Prosperity” hosted a rally and says it gathered nearly six-hundred signatures, opposing the President's proposed health care reform.

Jeff Crank with “Americans for Prosperity” says it's time the country sits up and starts paying attention.

He says the system does need some re-working, but not a complete overhaul, "we do need to reform healthcare, we do need to have some reforms, but they're more minor reforms".

But Mary Beth Pyle, former chair of the Mesa County Democrats, admits it's not a perfect plan just yet, but the uninsured and those who can't afford insurance need help now, “I'm sure it has good parts and bad parts, and I’m sure by the time it makes it through congress and the senate it will have some changes made to it".

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