Bush: Cut Gas Usage By 20% By 2017

In front of a Democratic controlled Congress the President outlined a new domestic agenda, but his top priority was defending his decision to send more US troops to Iraq.

After urging lawmakers to support his new strategy in Iraq, President Bush also highlighted proposals to expand health insurance coverage and to slash gasoline consumption. The President proposed reducing gasoline usage in the United States by 20% in the next ten years. The cut would be achieved primarily through a sharp increase in the amount of ethanol and other alternative fuels. The rest would come from raising fuel economy standards for passenger cars.

Bill Grant, President of Western Colorado Congress says the problem with Bush's plan is that with ethanol and other artificial gasoline we still have the emissions problem, and our greenhouse gas problem won't go away by burning more ethanol.

Joe Neuhof with Colorado Environmental Coalition says he thinks it's a great challenge and that we need to set the bar high. He adds that it remains to be seen if we have the political will in this country to get it all done, but that he's hopeful.

While many have expressed different opinions on the Presidents speech, White House Advisers admit one thing is clear; only progress in Iraq can restore any of the president's standing.