Senate Bill May Allow Smoking In Bars

Some bar owners may be a lot happier if one State Senator can get her bill into law.

Democrat Lois Tochrop of Thornton would allow mom–and–pop bars to pay an additional 500 dollars for their liquor licenses. That fee would be split half and half between state and local governments to help offset the costs of smoking.

0ne local bar manager says it's an idea that's a good compromise. Weaver's Tavern day manager Coco Nishi says, "I think it's a good thing. I think everyone should have a choice whether or not they have smoking in their establishment or not, and this is giving them the choice to do that."

The bill would apply only to small, locally–owned taverns. House minority leader Mike May lead the fight to ban smoking in nearly every business. He says he hopes the bill never makes it out of the Senate.