I-70 Business Loop Plan Unveiled

Rising concerns over several sections of the I–70 business loop has CDOT offering up several solutions.

At Two Rivers Convention Center Wednesday night, CDOT unveiled alternatives in key sections of I–70B, with the public being able to offer their comments on the solutions.

Key sections include the Redlands Parkway west to 5th St. and the intersections at 1st and Grand and North Avenue and I–70B.

Safety, capacity and access have been the main concerns, but even with potential plans in place, engineers say a $6M budget won't go far.

"Obviously that's nowhere near enough to do most of the improvements, so we'll have to pick a project, it'll have to be a small project unless further funding comes, but we'll have to pick about a 6 million dollar project," resident CDOT engineer Craig Snyder said.

The first project is tentatively scheduled to get underway in the spring of 2009.