Bohemian Rhapsody: City Looking For "Art On The Corner"

"Art On The Corner" has become a popular addition to the sidewalks of Grand Junction, and now it's time to select new pieces to display.

Since 1984 the city has exhibited-- and in some cases purchased artwork-- making it one of the oldest and longest–running on–loan sculpture programs in the country. The call to artists has drawn both well–known and obscure artists to the program.

"Art On The Corner"director Allison Sarmo says, "We want to put something for everybody. We're not looking to push the envelope with experimental stuff, but anything from the whimsical to bronzes to stone pieces to found-object pieces, pretty much anything that the community will enjoy."

The deadline for submissions is March15th, with the installation date for new artwork to be May12th. For more information on submitting works contact Allison Sarmo at 254–3865.