Long Awaited Marine Homecoming

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It was a mini family reunion at the Mont rose Regional Airport on Saturday, after a marine returns to his home town after fighting in Iraq.

Marine Corp Chief Warrant Officer Number Two, Jason Tole was off in Iraq, but now he, his wife, and two little girls are making their way back home to Mont rose.

Finally the months of worry and anticipation pay off as Chief War rent Officer Tole's plane lands. For his loved ones, he can't arrive soon enough.

" We are gonna give him a big hug and there will probably be some tears of joy," says Karrah Lay, Tole's sister.
all eyes are glued to the arrival gate, and the waiting family and friends finally spot C.W.O. Tole and his family.

C.W.O. Tole says. "It feel great, it feels great. I am so excited for my girls to finally see their great grandma."

A very proud grandma at that, as she says her grandson has followed in a family tradition.

"My son was in Vietnam and my husband was in World War 2. My father was in World War One and my two grandfathers were in the Civil War," says C.W.O. Tole's Grandmother, Anne Brougham.

During C.W.O. Tole's 17 years of duty, he has been in Desert Storm and the war in Iraq. Through all of the fighting, extreme conditions, and dangerous missions he says, "the hardest job ever is leaving my family, they are the true heroes."

Luckily for him and his family, he is on leave for now, and C.W.O. Tole plans to live it up while he is here in Mont rose.