On-line Predator Danger

A man was arrested on the other side of the country Friday, after he allegedly solicited sex from two young Grand Junction girls.

Twenty four year old, Andrew Steven Farmer is sitting in a South Carolina jail on a charge of criminal solicitation of a minor. A local expert tells 11 news that this is something that she deals with dozens of times a year. JoAnne O'Fallon with the Western Slope Center for Children says strangers get a hold of personal information all too often.

O'Fallon says. "Its prudent to not ever even consider giving out personal information or even having these on-line chats because it presents a very grave danger."

Linda Bowman with the Grand Junction Police Department says, "In this day in age someone can hop on a plane from anywhere in the United States and land here in Grand Junction in a matter of hours."

While this didn't happen in the most recent on-line solicitor case here in Grand Junction, experts say it still happens to often, as this type of crime is one hundred percent preventable as long as you don't give out any personal information on line.