Driver Survives Black Canyon Plunge

A man is alive and recovering Tuesday, this after plunging more than 400 feet into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The incident was reported around 5 p.m. Monday night, as a passer by believed a car had gone into the canyon off of Tomchi Point.

A helicopter discovered the vehicle and rescue crews with Montrose County and the National Parks Service swung into action by repelling down to the vehicle.

The driver, a male described to be in his 30's or 40's, suffered facial and leg injuries, but was conscious.

Once stabilized, the man was slowly brought back to the surface.

"With the snow and kind of icy conditions, it was kind of slow going in places, but we were able to get down there and eventually got some ropes down, got him all packaged up and had the guys set up a haul system and able to haul him out," Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parks Ranger Steve Winslow said.

The man was taken to a Montrose hospital and Montrose County Undersheriff Kevin Walters tells 11 News that the more than two dozen rescue workers involved worked with fluid–like movement, adding that the outcome is one that will be rejoiced by everyone involved.