Fire Destroys Motor Home

Quick response from the Grand Junction Fire Department prevents fire from a motor home parked in an alley from spreading to nearby homes.

The fire was first reported by members of a nearby church. Two men used fire extinguishers to slow the spread of the fire, which also torched some trees and a fence and burned some power lines.

Fire Department spokesperson Mike Page says the motor home was not occupied at the time and the cause is under investigation. He says motor home propane tanks mean a little extra caution for firefighters.

"We're real cautious about that, but for us, usually if they are tied down they don't take off. They may vent, and we may have a secondary fire, but if they haven't gone off when we get there we can get it knocked out or get the temperature down so they're not a danger once we arrive."

Damage estimates are in the 50–thousand dollar range. No–one was hurt in the fire or by the downed power lines.