Inmate Captured Shortly After Escape

The close knit Riverside neighborhood in Grand Junction was shut down for more than 30 minutes Tuesday, as police chased down an inmate who escaped from the Mesa County Jail.

It was definitely not something Riverside residents expected to see on their lunch hour.

Jesus Holguin, incarcerated since Jan. 10 on more than two dozen charges including robbery and kidnapping, was working in the facility's kitchen, but managed to escape via the back loading dock of the jail.

"He was not approved to come onto the dock, but he was a kitchen worker," Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey said.

Holguin fled to the Riverside neighborhood, where witnesses say he was able to commandeer a vehicle from an unidentified woman.

"He (Holguin) pulled her out of the car, threw her down on the ground, she was screaming no don't do it, then he took off," Riverside resident Iren Anderson said.

Police were able to block off the neighborhood, thanks in part to road closures due to the Riverside Parkway construction and after several laps around the normally quiet streets, the vehicle was stopped.

"They went around 10 minutes, he stopped, jumped fence and the cops nailed him," Anderson said.

Nearby Riverside Elementary School was put on lock down during the chase and although police converged on the neighborhood specifically for Holguin, who was apprehended about 30 minutes after his escape and officials say officers adhered to the motto of communities throughout the U.S.--to serve and protect.

Holguin is facing a slew of new charges in addition to the 28 he already faces.