11 News Special Report: The Future Of Mesa State

Mesa State College employs more than 1,100 people and more than 6,000 students attend the institution. The college is working hard to expand its facilities and is looking to the state for funding.

Local construction crews have wasted no time in getting phase one of Mesa State's Saunders Field House expansion project underway. Phase one which is about $7.2 Million is completely paid for. It includes a soccer stadium which will seat 500, as well as a two story parking garage with 376 spaces.

Money is still needed for phase two of the project. A couple of weeks ago Mesa State College President Tim Foster went before the State Capital Development Committee and requested $19.1 Million to complete the project. Foster says the school has about $10-$12 Million in the bank for it and plans to raise another $5 Million and is hoping the state legislature will come through with the rest.

The entire $36 Million project would include 14 new classrooms, a new 50 meter swimming pool as well as a complete renovation of the campus recreation center.

The Capital Development Committee which Senator Josh Penry sits on, and the Joint Budget Committee which Bernie Buescher is on will decide in April or May whether the institute of higher learning will get the money.