CDOT To Receive Much Needed Federal Funding

Colorado is set to see a significant increase in federal funding for road improvements this year, thanks to the urging of Congressman John Salazar.

On Wednesday, the safe, accountable, flexible, efficient transportation act was reauthorized with a vote of 286 to 140 in the House. Without it, Colorado could have lost nearly $42M in funding, resulting also in the loss of 2,000 jobs. Salazar says the bill will go a long way, especially west of the continental divide.

"Many of the projects will go out to the 3rd congressional district and out to the Western Slope. As you know, much of the infrastructure is being taxed by the development of oil and gas and local communities don't have adequate funding levels so CDOT has worked with us in its own way and we're happy with their continued spirit of cooperation," Salazar said.

Congressman Salazar is the only Coloradan on the house transportation and infrastructure and CDOT will oversee the incoming funds.