Meth Task Force Updates Community On Efforts

The Mesa County Methamphetamine Task Force today gives a first anniversary update of the group's efforts to fight drug use.

Among the variety of subjects discussed today was the success of law enforcement in nearly ending the manufacture of the drug locally following the busting of a major drug ring. Treatment was also discussed, including the possibility of creating an outreach treatment program to help families already affected by meth.

Problems and improvements were also a part of the program. Assistant District Attorney Dan Rubenstein says the drug–fueled Glade Park shooting is an example. "You have an offender out of Colorado Springs who has a record in Denver, and all we know is that there is someone on the Monument shooting at us, so we really need to improve the communication between the different agencies."

Task Force member Joe Higgins says keeping people off drugs is a difficult message to accomplish. "We do have an uphill battle in changing people's need for it in the first place, and try to get the whole community to take a real no–tolerance attitude towards particularly meth, but in drug abuse in general."

A methamphetamine documentary being produced by a local videographer was also announced. When finished it will appear on Mesa County Channel 12 as well as in meetings county–wide.