D.A. Finds Law Enforcement Officers Took Necessary Action

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The District Attorneys' office released its findings on an officer involved shooting Thursday, declaring the actions taken by local law enforcements agencies were justified.

On November 13, 2006, Andrew Young was contacted during a routine traffic stop in Grand Junction. During the stop, Young pointed a weapon at a police officer and then sped away. District Attorney, Pete Hautzinger said that law enforcement officers did not chase the man during the initial contact because it would endanger innocent people.

But that was not the case up at Glade Park, where Young tried to steal a car from a Glade Park resident - who notified authorities. Young was followed by Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies until he reached a road block near Colorado National Monument, where he crashed his car.

Authorities said that Young's injuries were not life threatening. After spending a few days in the hospital, Young made a court appearance where he was charged with 35 counts.

"It's very clear to me that all the officers in the agencies used a lot of restraint and caution and only responded to use of force from Mr. Young in an appropriate manner." District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said.

The District Attorney concludes that no criminal actions were taken by the officers involved, and that their actions show their commitment to protecting the people of Mesa County.

The primary agency involved in the investigation was the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The process of a special investigation is common practice any time a law enforcement officer is involved in a shooting incident.