Predator Meeting Held To Inform Public

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The Grand Junction Police Department held a community notification meeting Thursday night to inform the public.

It is the second meeting of it's kind within a month. Law enforcement officials and experts spoke to community members about a sexually violent predator who recently moved to Colorado. Officials disclosed to the public the address of a sexually violent predator who recently moved into Grand Junction. 57 year old Ernest Welton moved to Colorado from Wyoming about six months ago.

The public was not notified sooner because in Weldon's state, he is not classified the same way as he is here. So it was a more lengthy process for law enforcement to classify him.

But Thursday night's meeting wasn't only held to disclose Weldon's whereabouts, but also as a way to make the public more aware about sex offenders so that they can help assist law enforcement.

Experts also disclosed some facts and statistics about sex offenders, along with some background legislative history. The meeting also outlined the offenders rights and treatment methods for sexually violent predators.