Super Bowl Trivia

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Millions look forward to Super Bowl Sunday, as it's an evening full of football, food and parties. But the Superbowl isn't just for football enthusiasts.

People all around the nation will be tuning in to watch the Superbowl, so we decided to find out how much Grand Junction residents know about this game. We came up with four Superbowl trivia questions to test people's knowledge, so let's see how they did.

First we asked, what two teams are in the Super Bowl? Most knew the answer to this one.

"Miami and Indianapolis," says Leticia Lockard.

Next we asked where this big game will be played, and the answers weren't all so good.

"Ummmm, that I have no idea. Maybe in Indianapolis," says Dusty Crabbe.

Chris Gundt had this one, "that's easy its in Miami."

Third on our list was, why is this Super Bowl historical for the two coaches? This question wasn't very easy for anyone.

Cara Radka guessed with, "I think its because they made it to the Super Bowl."

Brittany Stephens knows her Super Bowl facts. She says, "because they are both African American."

Yet, Megan Buczek wasn't sure but still took a guess. She says, "because they have never been in the Super Bowl before."

Finally we showed each person a picture of Peyton Manning and asked who he was. It was an even split on who knew and who didn't.

Leticia Lockard knew right away, "Easy, that's Peyton Manning."

Yet others were left clueless.

"I think he is a quarterback, but I'm not sure what his name is," says Brittany Stephens.

"I have no idea, I could not tell you," says Cara Radka.

So, some of the people we talked to knew there stuff, while others didn't do so well, but fortunately you don't have to be a football analyst to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.