Commissioners Hoping To Access Energy-Related TABOR Funds

There's plenty of revenue coming in from energy-related activity along the Western Slope and Mesa County's Board of Commissioners is looking to put that money to work.

With Mesa County growing at a substantial rate, commissioners want to use excess revenue generated by energy-related industries to be used to fund capital projects.

Talks about accessing the funds are only in a preliminary phase, however, one commissioner is confident the county will be able to benefit from these TABOR revenues.

Capital projects to improve and attract people to the county would include Mesa State College and Walker Field Airport.

Commissioner Craig Meis says the problem with TABOR is that because it's tied into consumer price indexes for larger communities that aren't experiencing growth, it negatively impacts Mesa County.

Meis adds with the amount of energy development happening all along the Western Slope, Mesa County needs the ability to access the funds, no matter what energy sector it's generated from.

"I don't care whether it's corn or oil. We need to diversify our economy, make sure we have a stable foundation to build a new economy on and that's what we're certainly hoping to do," Meis said.

Meis adds that it's unclear if the county will be able to use these revenues under TABOR, saying that a question could go in front of voters asking for debrucing of those funds.