Union Bill Would Hurt Business Growth, Penry Says

A Democratic measure making it easier to set up all–union workplaces is headed to the Governor's desk, but it's not sure whether he will sign it.

The senate approved the bill this morning. The bill would eliminate one of two elections needed for workers to form an all–union workplace.

The bill was subjected to an eight–hour filibuster last week by Republicans including Senator Josh Penry, who fears the bill would put a crimp into the economic well–being of the state. He says, ”If you look at the economic growth figures for states that have the kind of laws like Bill Ritter and the Democrats are proposing, they are some of the slowest-growing states in the union. That’s because businesses, that’s one of the first questions they ask, about your tax environment and about your labor laws, and that’s a major impediment to moving into states, and it would be a major impediment to Colorado.”

Ritter says he hasn't decided whether or not he will sign the bill, but says GOP lawmakers and business groups are over–reacting.