Grand Junction's Looking Ahead

The City of Grand Junction is embarking on devising a long range community plan, which will include all areas.

On Monday, city council members were introduced to the plan that, when drafted, will guide the city in all aspects for decades. The plan will be the first of its kind and officials say every policy decision will be based on the final draft.

Several years ago a steering committee came up with Vision 2020, but that was more of a prediction on what Grand Junction will look like by the year 2020. This comprehensive plan is essentially a blueprint for future development based on existing conditions.

While there are several future plans already in place, for example the city's future land use plan or the Persigo agreement, those articles stretch just a few years down the road, while the comprehensive plan would look beyond for nearly three decades.

Grand Junction's 2007 budget allotted $250,000 to begin the process, which will be used for several things, most importantly, the city will bring in an outside firm in April to begin the process. In addition, the city also wants to form a steering committee to give the plan the perspective of those who it will truly effect.

"That's what's going to take some time because it's a huge area of requesting citizens, retail business, all kinds of folks' opinions on what the direction of the community should be," Grand Junction Assistant City Manager Laurie Kadrich said.

With a completion date scheduled sometime in the next 18 to 24 months, the process is now truly in its infancy stage, but once devised, every policy decision made by the city will be based on the plan.