City Organization Gets A Makeover

Grand Junction's organizational chart is undergoing a change, with city officials saying it's all in the interest of public service.

The organizational changes are meant to make access to city government easier for residents as well as giving current employees in a management position the opportunity to have more input. The duties of the city council or city manager will not change, but Grand Junction's recently hired deputy city manager will be taking on more responsibility, mainly with the city clerk and human resource offices.

Perhaps the most notable shift will come in the city's public work and utilities department. The recent departure of Mark Relph as the department's director left current assistant director Tim Moore and operations manager Greg Trainor splitting the duties. With the change, public works is now two separate divisions, with Trainor taking on utilities and streets, and Moore handling public works and planning.

With the city growing, the split of public works and utilities should provide the divisions to be able to cover more projects, and Relph's departure aside, city manager David Varley says these changes have been in the works for a while.

No new employees will be hired to fill the organizational changes, and it fits within the city's 2007 budget.

Another new position, which will certainly be a help to residents, will be what's being called a ombuds–man. This position will assist residents on a wide array of issues from complaining about pot holes to understanding zoning laws.

Some changes will take effect immediately, while others will be phased in and all changes will be reviewed in six months to see if the new system needs to be tweaked at all.

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