City Council Candidate Linda Romer-Todd

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She says she's not looking to impose her agenda on others or to be in control, instead Linda Romer–Todd just wants to be part of the conversation.

"I think being a City Council person is being part of a team, you are one of seven," says Romer-Todd.

Romer–Todd says she's confident in her ability to fill one of those seats. She's very active in the community and is always looking for ways to help out.

"I believe everybody should give back, I was involved in Fruita Little League, I was secretary of the Meth Task Force, in the Rotary Club, Spell Binders."

She continues her good deeds through Habitat for Humanity and by delivering food to senior citizens. Her strongest passion is for real estate. Romer–Todd says that her twenty nine years of experience in this field can benefit the Grand Valley.

Romer-Todd says, "I think Grand Junction needs to look at the expansion of the growth as it is referred to in the master plan. We need to look beyond twenty years of what were gonna do with the infrastructure."

This is just one of the many topics that Romer–Todd hopes to bring to the City Council table of discussion, and this is just one of the reasons why she says she should be elected to represent District B.

Romer-Todd explains, "I think people should vote for me because, I'm very diversified in conversation, there's a way to get things done through consensus and I think I need to stand by my convictions but it shouldn't be a hurdle."

Romer–Todd's opponent in District B is Kent Baughman whom we will hear from Wednesday night as our series continues. Grand Junction residents will be able to vote for the city council candidates on April third.