"We Had To Move Fast:" Clifton Man Arrested In Sex Assault

A Clifton man is under arrest after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman inside of his home. 48–year–old Steven M. Littlepage was arrested Sunday, and is also accused of kidnapping that woman from a nearby convenience store.

The victim told a Mesa County Sheriff's Deputy a friend had dropped her off at home at about 2:30AM. Unable to get in, she went to a convenience store to call someone to let her in.

While she was on the phone a car pulled up and the driver tried to talk to her. As she turned away the driver got out and dragged her into his car. Taking her to his home he then allegedly sexually assaulted her. She was able to hit the man and get away, and gave officers enough information to make an unusually quick arrest.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Jim Fogg says, "Normally we try to go slow on this kind of case and gather as much information as possible, but in this case the subject knows where the victim lives."

The victim was later able to give a 100% accurate identification of Littlepage later in a lineup. Steven Littlepage has been charged with second degree kidnapping and criminal attempt of first degree sexual assault, both of which are felonies.