First-Ever Organic Hops Crop Harvested in Colorado

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Glen Fuller will be the first to tell you, his Rising Sun Farm is as organic as it is original.
He grows peaches and plums, but his harvest today is one of a kind.
He is growing hops, organic hops, used to flavor beer.
"Hops have never been grown in the state of Colorado before," he says.
If that isn't impressive enough, it is one of only five organic hops farms in the country, and the only one in the state. Fuller owns 10 out of about 200 acres of organic hop farms throughout the country.
He sasy the recession slowed his last job down, but he was bored sitting behind a desk anyway so he started this up.
Now, its drawing a lot of attention with a team of Colorado
State University professors and students staying at his farm to study the operation.
Some big name Colorado breweries are also in on the action as well like Odell and Breckenridge breweries. Who say they are thrilled to make beer with hops made locally.
Several colorado brewers say they will be making beer made exclusively with hops from Rising Sun Farms, they should be ready to drink by the end of this year.

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