Salazar Frustrated With Budget/Iraq Situations

With President Bush recently laying out his budget for the coming year as well as a new direction in Iraq, Colorado Senator Ken Salazar says he's concerned and frustrated with both situations.

With a budget of $2.9T, including a quarter trillion dollar deficit for 2008 alone, Senator Salazar says he is frustrated with several aspects of the budget, particularly with regards to the protection of the middle class.

"The President's budget fails middle class Coloradans as well. I expect many of the 400,000 Coloradans receiving Social Security benefits will be as disappointed as I am that the President has revived his ill-advised privatization plan. And while the President claims he will balance the budget by 2012, he only achieves this by leaving out the long-term financial costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," Salazar said.

On the Iraq front, Salazar says a potential bipartisan resolution on Iraq could have had a tremendous impact to turn the tide in the conflict.

"It plainly states that Congress believes we need a new direction in Iraq. I continue to commend the efforts of the bipartisan group of Senators who worked together to express Congress' disagreement with the President's plan and to provide a positive framework for protecting our national security, supporting our troops and defining our mission in Iraq," Salazar said.

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