City Council Candidate - Kent Baughman

When it comes to being a member of the city council, candidate Kent Baughman says it's all about service. "I have the opportunity right now to give a little bit of time back to the community" says Baughman.

If elected, there are a few issues Baughman is looking to address. Including housing needs and costs. "Our housing has really gone up, we need to address the cost of our housing. I hear from some of my builder and Realtor friends that it's taking a long time to get things pushed through the system." Streamlining that process is also something Baughman hopes to address as a City Council Member.

And according to Baughman, more residents means an increase in revenue and more responsibility for city employees to make sure fiances are handled responsibly. Baughman says, "Our community is booming, we are bringing in more tax revenues than the city has ever seen and we need to use that money wisely."

As the city of Grand Junction continues to grow, issues dealing with how to move residents along our roadways are growing too. Baughman says that we need to continue to look at traffic. "Many of us who drive around Grand Junction are really seeing the impact of the growth in our community."

Baughman says he only plans to serve a single term on the council, but hopes he will be able to give back to the community that he and his family call home.