Bond Too Low For Alleged Kidnappers,Orchard Mesa residents say

Residents of an Orchard Mesa neighborhood where a man allegedly attempted to kidnap a young boy say the man's 10,000 dollar bond is too low.

Kenneth McCann is accused of attempting to lure an eight–year–old Orchard Mesa Elementary School student into his home Wednesday morning. The ploy--using candy and a supposed request from the boy's mother to give him a ride didn't work. The boy ran to a nearby bus and he later recounted the meeting to school administrators.

District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says the bond is more than required for the crime and McCann remains in custody. But parents in the Orchard Mesa neighborhood still say the ten–thousand dollar bond is too low. "Obviously he's a danger to kids, his house is right there in front of the bus stop," says Tricia Hollos. "Obviously he's trying to lure kids and he's obviously thought about it."

Hautzinger says the bond is appropriate. "More often than not somebody without a first offense is going to get a "p–r" (personal recognizance) bond, so I think a ten–thousand dollar secure bond was a good thing in this case and I'm glad the judge would consider it."

Hautzinger says bond for a class five felony is usually no more than three–thousand dollars.

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