Mesa County Republicans Elect Party Officers

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It was election day Saturday for the Mesa County Republican Party, where they voted on the party's new officers.

Every two years, the Republican Party Central Committee, comprised of 107 people representing the 82 precincts in Mesa County, come together to vote on the candidates vying for the party's five officer positions.

As a result of Saturday's vote, Gary Roahrig will replace Lois Dunn as party chair person. Roahrig said he's excited to lead the party, and looks forward to the 2008 Presidential Election; as well as advancing republican ideals on a county, state, and national level.

The four other seats went to Gary Blackman, who will serve as the 1st Vice - Chair. Chuck Pabst was elected to the 2nd Vice - Chair. Darren Harward is the new secretary. And Duncan McArthur will serve as treasurer.

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