Technology Improves Police Patrol

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The Grand Junction Police Department is moving forward with some new technological advances. This new equipment makes the streets safer for officers and the community.

Officers with Grand Junction Police Department no longer need to go into the station to write up their reports, instead, with field based reporting officers are able to submit reports from their vehicle. They just log onto a small computer, type the report and send it back to the station. That's not all this screen does, it also encompasses a tech net system. This is a system that manages all of the sirens, lights, radio and computers in the cars. With these systems, the officers have a few other options, as well.

Grand Junction Police Commander Nordeen says, "You can use the touch screen push a button or its also voice activated."

Another voice activated option will be coming soon, here's how it works. The police officer runs a license plate by simply calling it out loud. Then the background on this license plate will be processed. The information will go into a projector and then information will be displayed on a small screen by the windshield, so the officer never has to take his or her eyes off the road.

Another new advance is electronic ticketing. This works by an officer swiping a driver's license over a scanner, then out prints a ticket. All of the information is transmitted back to the station.

Finally, by this summer the P.D. plans to have dash board cameras installed in most of their vehicles.

Grand Junction Police Corporal Roduemore says, "I think its gonna help with D.U.I stops. It will show the demeanor of the person we stopped. It will also help with records and court cases."

Officers hope to have this new technology installed in all vehicles within a year. This is an investment that benefits more than the department.

Commander Nordeen says, "Everything that helps these officers from a safety aspect and time saving aspect, will also help the citizens in the community."