Student Says Two Men Chased Her Near School

A young girl tells authorities one of her shoes helped her escape two would be kidnappers Tuesday afternoon near a local elementary school.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, a student at Rocky Mountain Elementary School in Clifton was walking home from school when she says two men in a white mini-van started following her. The girl told deputies that one of the men got out and started chasing her. As she was running one of her shoes came off, so she picked it up and threw it at him. It hit him in the cheek and she ran to a nearby home. The neighbor took her home and called authorities who are still investigating the attempted kidnapping.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Norma Mestas says, "At this point there are many ways the investigation could go. You know it's very hard to collaborate that information. Children do have active imaginations and they do scare easily, but you still have to take everything that they say as a truthful statement and you just have to do your best to try and ensure that information is correct."

The young girl was unable to give a detailed description of the men but did say they were white. If you were in the area of 32 1/2 and Lands End Avenue and noticed anything suspicious, you're asked to call the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

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