Police Investigation Underway On Olathe High School Student

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Thursday, a Montrose County School District spokesperson confirmed that a student had made a written threat that contained the names of other students.

Montrose County School District RE - 1J Assistant Superintendent, B.J. Brown, said the student's parent brought the written note to Olathe High School's administrators on Thursday.

Brown said the Olathe Police Department was notified immediately of the situation, as well as the parents of the students who were listed on this note. Olathe Police are currently conducting a threat assessment on the case. According to the school district, a search was made Thursday in the student's bedroom.

Currently, the student is suspended and is undergoing mental evaluation to determine why he is so angry and to determine the validity of the threat. The student will not be able to return to school until a threat assessment is made. If the student is not allowed to return, the district said they will provide an alternative means of education for the student.

The school district said this is an unfortunate event, and they want to make sure everything is done to get this student some help.

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