Listen Now, You May Pay Later

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Loud sounds are in our homes, cars, work, and just about everywhere we go.

Hearing Instrument Specialist, John Fletemyer says, "The average person can tolerate 85 decimals, which is plenty loud coming into our ears."

Yet, most people are surrounded by sounds that are much higher, and this can be damaging. Take a toy machine gun for example. If a child put this within a foot or two of their ear it can reach about 150 decimals. According to experts this type of volume should not be heard for more than one minute.

Now lets take a look at a kid's blow horn. This can reach levels of about 110 decibels.

Fletemyer says, " With this, they have gotten more than they should for the entire day. So beyond that they will have permanent damage. Kids think this is all fun, but their whole future is ahead of them. This damage may not show up until they are in their 50's or even early 40's. We are finding people with heavy i-pod use in their 20's who have hearing damage."

Experts say to be safe, you should keep your i–pod at about ¼ of its maximum volume.

Fletemyer says, "Watch what your children are getting and if it sounds loud to you, keep it away from them."

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