GJPD Hosts Competitive Recruitment Event

With a police academy in the works the Grand Junction Police Department is hard at work recruiting new officers and 911 dispatchers. The department kicked off a three day recruiting event Monday.

The recruiting process began at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning with a written test. Then applicants for the open police officer positions went head to head on this rigorous obstacle course. Out of the 65 applicants only four will be selected to go on to the Police Academy.

More than 75 people also applied for the open emergency dispatcher positions, and the police department hopes to hire four of them. It's a competitive process if you want to work for the Grand Junction Police Department, but officials say finding good help is just as challenging.

The recruiting event goes through Wednesday. Those who make it through the first two days will then move onto interviews and take a Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer test.