Lingering Concerns On District 51's Investment Possibility

Controversy still surrounds a possible $1M investment from Mesa County District 51, in the construction of a new athletic facility at Mesa State College.

On Tuesday, School District 51's board will decide whether to go ahead with the investment, this after the proposal was tabled earlier this month.

Some parents' concerns include why the district would give money strictly for the construction of an athletic facility that will have an effect on only a small percentage of students.

There are some that also say that schools around the district need repair and that such a large sum of money could be used to fund things like music or art.

The district's budget can be dissected into many parts and if passed, the $1M would come out of the capital reserve investment fund.

Legally monies in this segment of the budget have to be spent on capital projects deemed as investments and cannot be used for operational expenses, which curriculum is classified as.

Board member Dan Robinson says the board is aware of the needs of every school in the district, adding that all needs will be met.

Robinson also says the proposed funds are not a donation, it would simply strengthen the relationship with the district and Mesa State and would not be limited to just the swimming pool and soccer field.

The district would also have access to classrooms that are part of the $36M project.

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