The Ring You Can't Hear

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With years and years of exposure to loud noises, our hearing slowly starts to weaken.

To some its actually pretty surprising, but around thirty years old signs of hearing loss start to show. So much so that some sounds are impossible to hear for those over thirty.

Now, young adults and children have found out about this secret sound and have decided to use it to their advantage.

Hearing Instrument Specialist, Scott Hirschbuhl says, "These students can take their cell phone into class and if it rings the teacher cant hear it, yet the kids can."

This new ring tone is called the mosquito ring tone, and no matter how loud this tone is turned up many still cant hear it. This is because its not about volume.

Hirschbuhl says, " You can turn this tone up as loud as a lawnmower and still not hear it. Its about the pitch. This pitch is too high for damaged ears to hear."

So if you want to find out if you have some hearing damage, which is normal, then you can download the tone on-line or off your cell phone.

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