Truck Smashes Through Local Bakery

Cookies, doughnuts and bread thrown about. That was the scene after Patsy White came crashing through Holsum Bakery. Officials say White was trying to park at the bakery on Patterson Road. But instead of hitting the brake white stepped on the accelerator and that sent her through the storefront.

The bakery clerk who was stocking shelves at the time of the crash was knocked onto the ground and sustained some minor injuries to her elbow and left leg. White was not hurt.

Authorities say this isn't the first time someone has crashed through a building. In fact, Motor Officer Martin Donahue says he thinks this is the fifth time it has happened this year.

This Chinese restaurant that shares a wall with the Holsum Bakery also felt the force of the crash. The wall buckled from the impact.

Officials say damage to the bakery is around $15,000. White was cited for careless driving.

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