Mesa State To Offer New College Program In Fall

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The Mesa State College Board of Trustees approved Thursday the addition of an Energy Management concentration to its Bachelor of Business Administration degree program.

After hearing from local energy companies about the need for managerial energy workers, Mesa State College decided to step up to the plate and offer this program.

The Energy Management program will support local energy development by training workers known as Landmen. Landmen work on the business side of the energy industry. Mesa State College will provide the education for this type of position, which includes how to negotiate deals with other companies, acquire leases, and draft contracts.

According to Mesa State officials, this is a good industry to get into right now because there is an increasing demand for these types of workers. Mesa State said that only four classes will have to be added because the Business Administration program is strong. Currently, there are only six other certified Landmen programs offered in the United States. Come this fall, Mesa State will be able to offer the training for this field of work.

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