Alternative Sentencing Improves Community

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The Ela Sanctuary on the Colorado River is getting a makeover this weekend as community corrections workers embark on a Tamarisk removal project.

This is part of the Mesa County Justice Center's Workenders Program, which offers alternative sentencing to non–felons. Many of the workers have been convicted of drunk driving, and most say they are thankful for this type of sentencing.

Workender, Jack Vijil says, "Don't get me wrong there are a lot of things that I'd rather be doing on Saturday and Sunday, but this is a lot better then sitting there for 30 days straight."

This weekend's project was to help the Audubon Society with clearing Tamarisk and Russian Olive trees from the Ela Sanctuary on the Colorado River. This will improve the river and protect the endangered Razorback Suckers in the area.

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