Hard to Find Sunday Brunch

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Nearly 30 restaurants are scattered in the Downtown Grand Junction area, yet many say finding somewhere to eat on Sunday mornings isn't too easy.

This morning 11 news went Downtown and found that just a few restaurants were open for breakfast. While many others use Sundays as a day to rest and catch up for the week. Many Grand Valley residents say they want them open.

Grand Junction Resident, Thomas Trochlil says, "Main Street should be open on Sundays for families to come out walk around and it gives them bonding time."

Rick Crippen, Owner of Dolce Vita says, "We feel that we need Sundays to give our staff a break from the week, its hectic on Monday through Saturday."

There are twenty four restaurants in the Downtown area. Twelve of which are open on Sundays, but only two of those are considered fine dinning establishments.

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