Parent Says Son Was Locked-Out Of Class For Being Tardy

A parent is taking action after her son claims he and other students were locked-out of a classroom because they were late. Officials with Mesa County School District 51 say concerns like this are taken very seriously and want parents to know there are set policies to deal with these kinds of issues.

On Friday, Hidie Chase says her 12–year–old son came home from Grand Mesa Middle School upset. Chase says her son told her he and three other students had been late to a class and the teacher had locked them out. School District 51 Spokesperson Jeff Kirtland says teachers handle tardy problems in different ways but never would they physically lock a student out of a class.

Kirtland says parental concerns are common and to address them they have a defined process. First they ask the parent to contact the teacher, then if the problem still can't be resolved the parent's asked to call the principal. And finally is a solution can't be found an executive director is called in.

Chase says she met with Grand Mesa Middle School's Principal who says they're looking into the issue. Chase says even after speaking with the principal she wanted to contact 11 News Colorado to shed more light on her concern. Kirtland says it's always more difficult to solve a problem when a parent contacts the media without going through the process.

Chase believes her son was locked-out of class and while the District maintains they don't lock students out, both sides agree that learning comes first and they hope to find a resolution.

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