Students Allegedly Selling Prescription Drugs At Local High School

On Saturday, a mother called the Grand Junction Police Department saying she had found marijuana at her home and believed it belonged to her 16–year–old son who's a student at Grand Junction High. She also told authorities that she believed her son had been stealing her prescription medication from her for more than a month including powerful pain killers Methadone and Vicodin, and he may have been selling it to other students at the school.

During their investigation, officers were also told about a 14–year–old student who was possibly selling Morphine to students at school. As to how much Morphine the teen allegedly sold is still under investigation. Officials say the teen stole the Morphine from one of his parents.

Both cases have been turned over to the District Attorney's Office and the Police Department is seeking felony summons on both.

The School District wouldn't comment about the cases but under Colorado law a student who brings drugs to school should be expelled.

The 16–year–old student remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. The 14–year–old has been released to his parents.

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