626 on Rood part of "ten best" for wine bars

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A local wine bar is getting some big- time recognition this week.

626 on Rood is featured in USA Today's "ten great places" series, being honored as one of the "ten great places where wine bars serve flights of fancy."

Paul Cappiali, who leads the wine school in New York, said he was surprised to find such an upscale bar in this Western Colorado city, citing the availability of wine flights and selections from small vineyards as major selling points.

Owners say it's their customers that make the bar successful.

"People have already come in today, and a lot of our regulars, and I just thank them, because if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here and their support and willing to try new things all the time," owner and wine director Brenda Wray said.

Owners said that some visitors already came in Friday saying they saw the article, and that people have been energetic about trying their unusual varieties of wine.

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