Gas Prices on the Rise

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It's been a roller coaster ride for gas prices over the past few months. Now, some people around the Grand Valley are taking measures to cut back on their usage.

Those up and down gas prices have once again made a huge spike. Just last month around the Grand Valley prices at the pump averaged about two dollars and fourteen cents. Now the average is two dollars and forty eight cents. That's a thirty four cent increase in just one month. This is causing some people around the Grand Valley to cut back on driving and gas usage.

Grand Valley Resident, Kurt Hansen says, "I'm not driving as much as I want."

Karen Katue, Grand Junction Resident, says "I'm definitely gonna be hitting the motorcycle more to save more with gas prices up."

All of this is causing some to worry that this spike may follow the path of last year's roller coaster ride of extremely high prices. This time last year the nationwide average was $2.28, so we are already $.20 higher. Experts say there's no sign of a drop at the pump as we head into the busy spring travel season.

According to the American Petroleum Institute this rise is a result of an increase in the price of crude oil.

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