Short Foot Chase Injures Possible Suspect

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Tuesday afternoon, Grand Junction Sheriff Deputies responded to a call involving a possible domestic violence situation. When they arrived on the scene at 513 Jaylee, both the alleged suspect and victim locked themselves in their apartment and refused to come out.

A short time later Deputies were alerted that the possible suspect was sneaking out the back door. After about thirty seconds Deputies had twenty year old Humberto Alire under arrest.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer, Norma Mestas says, "Both the deputy and Mr. Alire lost their footing somewhere walking back to the car and Mr. Alire fell possibly causing injury to his foot or ankle."

Alire was transported to the hospital but was taken to the Mesa County Detention Center a few hours later. He is not facing any new charges but was wanted for felony menacing, failure to comply, and failure to appear.

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