A Safer Walk to School

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For the past couple months citizens have been speaking out about the safety of students walking to and from Pear Park Elementary;
and after negotiations and evaluation a solution was brought to the City Council table.

There were several possible solutions that were evaluated by School District 51, Mesa County, and the City of Grand Junction. All three decided that the most cost effective and safest solution would be to build a bicycle/pedestrian path to reduce the walking route to school.

A homeowner who lives in the area where construction will soon take place, offered to sell their home to the three involved entities for one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. This will leave each to pay sixty thousand dollars.

Now that home will either be moved or demolished. This will clear a path for pedestrians and bikes to travel safely. Wednesday night's City Council approval was the first step in this process.

Tim Moore with Grand Junction Public Works says, "We will probably wait and see how Mesa County and School District 51 responds to this and see if its favorable for them, then if it goes well we will start demolition in May."

Moore says this plan was a retro active move which was initiated after a six year old girl was hit by a car while walking home from Pear Park Elementary in January.

Now School District 51 plans to start up a long–term planning group that will work with Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction. This group will evaluate and refine safer routes to other schools.

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