Woman Who Woke up After 6 Years Relapses

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Colorado Springs, Colo. (AP) For awhile, it looked like a miracle.

A Southern Colorado woman was awake, talking and eating all by herself for several days -- after spending the last six years in a vegetative state.

But she relapsed into a semi-conscious state Wednesday.

Christa Lilly suffered a heart attack, then a stroke, and in 2000 and essentially slipped into a coma.

Weeks turned into months and into years as family members cared for Lilly, not knowing what the future held.

Her mother says she had awoken up four times before, but never quite like this.

Neurologist Dr. Randall Bjork says Lilly's case has him ``dumbfounded,'' and that he can't explain what's happened on the basis of what doctors now know about persistent vegetative states.

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